We are a small arquitectural firm in the county of Llanes in the Principality of Asturias, Spain. We believe in the traditional notion of architecture as a vocation in which the architect is an artesan committed to creating innovative and functional spaces adapted to the characteristics of the selected building site itself and to shaping each project according to the individual needs and interests of our clients. We also ensure that the contributions of collaborators are well integrated throughout the development of our projects. Our activities are principally in central and eastern Asturias.

We specialise in residential arquitecture and the renovation of traditional buildings. Our architectural approach centers on integrating the building itself into the natural surroundings of the building site. We work with our clients to create “human-centered architecture” that is sustainable, practical, creative, and adaptive to the necessities of each project. Our client focus and close collaboration among the partners in our small company enable us to transform the aspirations of our clients into architectural designs that complement the natural landscape.