PROJECTS OF URBANISM. With 15 years of experience working for the public administration, we cover all types of urban planning work: implementation studies, detail studies, action units, partial plans, subdivisions or urbanization projects.

SURVEY OF PLANS AND / OR MEASUREMENT OF BUILDINGS AND INFOGRAPHIES. We make the plans of the current state of your property and / or elaborate your real measurement. We also represent your ideas in three dimensions, for a better understanding of the space, both on owned projects, and any other proposal already made, which needs a better graphic and spatial explanation.

REPORTS, CERTIFICATES, OPINIONS AND EXPERTS REPORTS. We offer our technical documentation service to the need of an objective statement, opinion, motivated conclusion or assertion of a fact about the nature or circumstances that may surround any subject of our professional competence.

SPECIFIC PROJECTS. Projects aimed at the resolution of specific situations, such as changes in the use of buildings, obtaining licenses for activity, operation or opening, removal of architectural barriers for the adequacy of buildings, legalization files, and others.

CADASTRE. Specialized in Cadastral Management, we offer an integral service in management (administrative procedures, localization and measurement of land estates, notary and registry intermediation) as well as all type of corrections or procedures related to the Cadastre Management, avoiding you displacements, costs, errors , etc.